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It's time to invest in yourself - personal, progressive, sustainable mountain bike fitness training programmes guaranteed to have you riding flat out and in the form of your life!
Whether you're targeting weight loss, all round trail endurance or full on race fitness, Flat out Fit training is designed around minimal equipment, effective use of time and a proven training philosophy that will change the way you ride forever.

Our programmes are designed not only to have you riding faster than ever before but to change the way you think, ride and race forever. If you want real gains then it's time to get serious. Let the experts do the thinking so you don’t have to…..

“Every day of the week I look at minor detail on bikes that will largely be within a few seconds of each other. Here with my piece of paper and Joe’s number I have seconds on tap.” Steve Jones – DIRT Magazine

“Check my new results.” Al Stock – KONA Pro Rider

“Challenging and most of all rewarding!  Doing Flat out Fit is without doubt one of the best things I have done for my mountain biking-the increases in strength, speed and stamina exceeded all my expectations!"  Dr D Moelwyn-Willaims

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Structured, effective and progressive training is by far the smartest way to see real gains in your riding performance. Whether it's increased strength or flat out endurance you want we will design a bespoke training programme to help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential as a rider.

Your training programme will tell you everything you need to do on a daily basis and exactly how to do it. You will also gain access to our online video demonstration area so you can be sure you are training correctly. We work in 8 week training phases - there is no set up fee and no minimum contract.

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If you're motivated and want to take your fitness to the next level press buy now below.

8 weeks
Price - £89

Existing customers can access videos here.

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How it Works

After purchasing a programme we will send you a consultation questionnaire straight away that you need to fill in with as much detail as possible - there are also some short fitness tests you must complete to give us an idea of where you're at. We then use this information to write a training programme that is specific to you, your lifestyle and your goals. Upon purchase you will also be given access to our online exercise demonstration area.

Please note our training programmes are bespoke and personal to you so please contact us for a waiting time prior to ordering.


What is the Flat Out Fit Philosophy?

The Flat Out Fit philosophy is based on the creative application of scientifically proven training principles specific to your lifestyle and riding goals. Every session has an aim - whether it’s to push you harder, longer or make you stronger. There’s no wasted time, no grey rides just full on flat out fitness.


Why use us?

As professional fitness, strength and mountain bike coaches we not only understand the demands of riding and racing, but we’re experts in the application of cutting edge fitness training techniques that will keep you motivated to reach goals you never thought possible. From laboratories with international athletes to training the British military, we cram years of coaching and performance experience into each and every personal programme.


Why shouldn’t I just follow a generic programme?

Generic programmes can be great if you have the motivation and knowledge to apply training to you everyday life. We know that there is a much greater chance of success if training is specific to ones goals, lifestyle and resources available.


How will I train?

As the training is personal to you it will differ in intensity, time and type depending on your current circumstances. Your training will comprise of both mountain bike specific strength sessions and on the bike sessions. Strength and conditioning sessions will be short and sharp focusing on functional body weight training with the aim to improve your strength, power to weight ratio and core stability. On the bike sessions aim to improve your cardiovascular fitness and speed through high intensity interval training, sprint sessions and recovery rides.


Will I need any equipment?

Again, as the programme is personal this varies, you may need to use some simple resistance training equipment to help you improve - this equipment is not essential and the need will be identified in your consultation.Equipment we may recommend includes:

Resistance bands - Resistance bands are portable and can offer varied resistances depending on the band strength up to 70kg. Unlike weights, bands create resistance in any direction and they emphasise the need for muscular control through the eccentric phase of a muscular contraction. We recommend where a band set can be purchased for £20.

Door Gym – Ideal for body weight and strength training the door gym is a pull up bar that fits to your door frame with no fixings that can also be used for press ups and sit ups. We recommend the 'iron gym' which can easily purchased on ebay for £10.


How long will I have to wait?

After returning your questionnaire we aim to have your programme ready in 4 working days.


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